Michael Vick disagrees with LeSean McCoy when it comes to Chip Kelly

When Michael Vick was with the Eagles he served as a surrogate big brother to LeSean McCoy, imparting advice about both football and life. But Vick's now a free agent and McCoy was shipped to Buffalo earlier this offseason, where he has insinuated that Eagles coach Chip Kelly's personnel moves in Philadelphia were race-related.

So when Vick saw McCoy at a recent charity event he was sure to talk to him.

"I try to give my little piece of advice that I can offer him. He's his own man. He has his own feelings and emotions. So I can't interfere with that," Vick said Monday from Ron Jaworski's celebrity golf event, via NJ.com. "The only thing I try to tell him is stay positive, don't expose yourself so much. You're still blessed to be playing in the NFL, a great league, and don't take things so personal. Your life is great on and off the field. Keep it that way."

Meanwhile, Vick doesn't know why McCoy said what he did about Kelly.

"Shady said that for his own reasons," Vick said. "I know Chip personally and I don't feel that way about him. I try not to even look at it that way.

"I don't know why Shady said that. Maybe it was because of personal encounters. We just try to leave it at that, but I know Shady has moved on, Chip has moved on and we should all leave it at that."

Not surprisingly, Kelly said last month that he disagrees with McCoy's assessment.

“I've got great respect for LeSean, however in that situation I think he's wrong,” the coach said. “We put a lot of time in looking at the characters and factors that go into the selection and retention of players, and color has never been one of them.”

And McCoy announced a few weeks ago that he's done talking about the matter.

As for the 34-year-old Vick, he's hoping for another chance to play in the NFL.

"Absolutely, I still want to play. I'll continue to work out and stay optimistic," he said. "That's about all you can do in my situation. Don't be upset about it. I'm not the first guy this has happened to. Just got to stay the course and stay patient."

Michael Vick doesn't agree with LeSean McCoy when it comes to Chip Kelly. (Getty Images)
Michael Vick doesn't agree with LeSean McCoy when it comes to Chip Kelly. (Getty Images)
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