Michael Vick doesn't know where he stands on Eagles' depth chart

Since 2010, Michael Vick has started 35 games for the Eagles. (USATSI)
On Tuesday, Eagles players both familiar with coach Chip Kelly's offense and relatively new to it were effusive in their praise of the new-fangled, high-paced scheme.

"It's exciting," said quarterback Dennis Dixon, who played for Kelly at Oregon.

Running back LeSean McCoy added: "This offense is so fast paced that you get so many people out of alignment and out of place that it creates big seams."

But this is the NFL, where the difference between winning and losing can be measured in seconds and inches and, ultimately, by the caliber of a team's quarterback. And for the Eagles, that quarterback has yet to emerge.

During a Wednesday appearance on NFL Network, Michael Vick, who has started 35 games for the Eagles since 2010, conceded that he didn't know where he stood on Kelly's depth chart.

“That is up to Coach to decide what is best for this football team but as of right now, I am very pleased with my progress,” Vick said (via PFT).  “Today, I felt like I had some throws I wanted back but for the most part I have done good.  I got some balls in the end zone and just playing the position the way it is supposed to be played.”

Kelly won't be offering any clues, either. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the first-year coach has asked for a moratorium on depth-chart questions.

Meanwhile, Vick says he will embrace his role, whatever it may entail on game days.

“Always going to be a leader on this team, regardless of what my place is,” he said.  “I am confident that I continue to be a guy that is looked up to on this team and continue to play my role.”

Vick seems like an obvious choice to run Kelly's high-paced offense, but he has struggled with injuries and consistency for much of his career. There's also this: In April, Kelly drafted former USC standout Matt Barkley, whose game couldn't be more different than Vick's, feeding speculation that Barkley's chance in Philly could come sooner rather than later.

But, hey, it could always be worse. Vick could be stuck on the Jets' roster.

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