Mike Ditka: Video scoreboards encouraging crowd noise stupid

Mike Ditka is not a fan of recent in-stadium rule changes made by the NFL. (USATSI)

The NFL instituted several in-stadium rule changes this week and Mike Ditka is not a fan of them. 

Starting this season, video scoreboards can be used to encourage crowd noise during an entire play. Previously, crowd noise could only be encouraged until there was 30 seconds left on the play clock. 

The former Chicago Bears coach didn't hide his disdain for the new rule. 

"It's stupid," Ditka told the Chicago Sun-Times. "The NFL... who are they appealing to? It would be like the owners working at their desk and all of a sudden, they encourage people to come in their office and make a lot of noise. It doesn't make sense."

Stadiums will also be able to encourage crowd noise through the use of audio until there's 20 seconds left on the play clock. In the past, the audio encouragement had to stop at the 30-second mark. 

"The key to football is you want to be able to see it executed properly," Ditka said. "You want to hear the snap count. You want to see these guys use their talents where they're not tainted. Sometimes when you have crowd noise, you're not seeing the player at his best."

The NFL made the changes to enhance the in-stadium experience for fans. 

Among other changes, home teams will now be required to show replays after all scoring plays, turnovers, challenged plays, first downs and receptions where the receiver ends up out of bounds.

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