Mike Shanahan got stuck in traffic before being fired by Redskins

Mike Shanahan's firing went just like you'd expect.
When it rains it pours. (USATSI)

Mike Shanahan was officially fired by the Redskins on Monday morning. As with everything Redskins, things went super smoothly. Just kidding, they didn't.

Media members were obviously present for the announcement that Shanahan was gone, including a press conference from Shanny where he thanked them for their professionalism during "some tough situations the last few years." 

Then the media faced another tough situation, as the press room was boarded up. With scotch tape.

No, really, scotch tape.

The Redskins were weird about the way the media came and went from Redskins Park, which somehow resulted in Mike Shanahan, as he was driving INTO Redskins Park in his Audi, getting stuck in traffic. Perfection.

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