Mike Wallace's dad: Son turned down $16 million extra from Vikings

Mike Wallace turned down $76 million from Minnesota to sign a $60-million deal with Miami. (USATSI)
Mike Wallace turned down $76 million from Minnesota to sign a $60-million deal with Miami. (USATSI)

Back in March, Mike Wallace's dad said that his son turned down some serious money from the Vikings to sign with the Dolphins. But the elder Wallace never said exactly how much money his son turned down. 

Now we know. According to Wallace's dad -- whose name is also Mike -- the younger Wallace turned down a $76-million deal from the Vikings to sign a $60-million deal with the Dolphins. 

Mike Wallace, a wide receiver who played four seasons in Pittsburgh after being chosen by the Steelers in the third round of the 2009 NFL Draft, was labeled as selfish after holding out from Steelers training camp last year. But after turning down an extra $16 million from Minnesota during free agency, his dad doesn't think that's a fair label. 

"Dolphins fans are going to love him. He worked hard and deserved everything he got. So don't call him selfish," the elder Wallace said, via USA Today. "He's going to give Miami their money's worth."

So why would anyone pass up an extra $16 million? 

"I just wanted to be happy," the younger Wallace said. "Money isn't everything. A lot of people last year, when I held out in Pittsburgh, took it the wrong way, felt like I was just being greedy. I performed so well for so long, I just wanted to be well-compensated."

If Wallace is bitter about the Steelers not making him 'well-compensated,' he'll have a chance for revenge this season when the Dolphins travel to Pittsburgh in December.   

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