Most talked about quarterbacks

Based on Facebook’s super-duper high-tech scientific analytics the five most talked about quarterbacks on Facebook are:

1. Tom Brady 
2. Tony Romo
3. Robert Griffin III
4. Jay Cutler
5. Peyton Manning

With the exception of Brady and Cutler, each quarterback in the top five grabbed a win this Sunday, even if they didn’t play (ex. like Robert Griffin III). Cutler probably made the list due to him and Brandon Marshall calling for heads to roll after losing for the fifth time in the last six Sundays. Also, although Brady lost he most likely tops the list because he is Brady and his awesomeness along with great looks transcends wins.

However, what about the other half of the top 10? Or what I like to call the “Quarterback Quint.” Here are the five other quarterbacks that sparked the most chatter on Facebook.

6. Russell Wilson
7. Joe Flacco
8. Aaron Rodgers
9. Eli Manning
10. Cam Newton

Rodgers could have been higher up on this list according to the NFL Monday QB crew, especially because he’s playing without all his best weapons due to injury, but the Facebook peanut gallery spoke louder.

Seeing Wilson, Rodgers and Newton on this list is understandable because they all had wins and impressive performances but Flacco and Manning probably ended up in Facebook chatter due to their dismal losses. On Sunday, you couldn’t help but run to your Facebook wall to cry about the shutout of Eli Manning and the defending Super Bowl champs or scream about Joe Flacco and the flailing Baltimore Ravens notching their third consecutive loss. The playoff picture looks good for the Ravens, who have already clinched, but that doesn’t change the fact they're falling like prices at Wal-Mart.

Want to see your QB on this list? Your team lose this Sunday?  No worries, we are here to quantify your screaming sports rants and then turn them into content. Everything will be OK. Keep the conversation going on our Facebook page, on Twitter @NFLMondayQB or in the comment section below.  


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