New Bears LB Danny Trevathan: 'I wish' Packers would've called me

Danny Trevathan's decision to leave the Broncos to join the Bears makes sense on every level. He wanted to get paid and the Bears entered free agency with the third-most cap space in the league. He plays middle linebacker, a position the Bears desperately needed to fill. And, he gets to play with the coach who drafted and developed him, John Fox.

Perfect marriage, right?

It certainly seemed like that was the case. Right up until Trevathan revealed on Thursday that he was hoping to receive a call from the Packers so he could sign with them.

That perfect marriage might need some counseling.

"I wish they would have, but they didn't," Trevathan told NFL Network. "My guy Randall Cobb is over there, but they didn't so I'm here with Chicago."

Danny Trevathan apparently wanted the chance to join the Packers. (USATSI)

Luckily for the Bears, their rivals to the north don't often spend money in free agency. The Bears, on the other hand, were willing to hand Trevathan a four-year, $24.5-million contract that includes $12 million in guarantees.

Again, that's a deal the Bears should be happy with. Because, next fall, Aaron Rodgers probably won't be playing against a defense that looks this lost:

Trevathan, still only 25 years old, recorded 109 combined tackled and two interceptions during the 2015 season. Despite vocalizing his interest in the Packers, Trevathan didn't seem to mind his final destination.

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