NFL Draft: Vikings tested Teddy Bridgewater for irregular heartbeat

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The Vikings saved quarterback Teddy Bridgewater the indignity of having to wait until the second round to hear his name called by  taking the former Louisville star with the No. 32 overall pick in the NFL draft late Thursday night.  

Afterward, Bridgewater said he was simply relieved Minnesota had selected him.

Teddy Bridgewater was happy not to slide to the second round. (USATSI)
Teddy Bridgewater was happy not to slide to the second round. (USATSI)

And for all the talk about how Bridgewater slid down the draft boards for a variety of reasons -- a subpar pro day, small hands, small ankles, etc. -- the Vikings had another worry. They were worried about Bridgewater's heart. More specifically, Bridgewater's heartbeat.

“I just had an abnormal heartbeat,” Bridgewater told Vikings beat writers in a conference call Thursday, via USA Today. “I think it was 1 percent, or one beat, less than the normal beat. So, I came back up to Minnesota, got the physical, got the EKG and everything, got tested and it came back positive.”

Bridgewater said he wasn't aware of his condition until it was discovered at the combine in February, but he was also confident that it wouldn't be a major problem moving forward with his pro career.

Great news for the Vikings when he was cleared. And great news for Bridgewater, who was clearly in danger of sliding out of the first round before Minnesota traded with the Seahawks in order to take Bridgewater with the last overall pick of the night.

"How's your heart?" Zimmer asked Bridgewater after the Vikings doctors examined him again.

Replied Bridgewater: "Well, they said it was too big."

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