NFL Power Rankings 2016 season final edition

Biggest Movers
8 Packers
3 Raiders
1 Patriots If they beat the Dolphins this week, they are the top seed. Then what? Then a Super Bowl is likely. -- 14-2-0
2 Cowboys They kept it rolling against the Lions. But now they have to take it easy at Philadelphia in a road game that means nothing. -- 13-3-0
3 Falcons They have improved on defense, which will be key come playoff time. They have to get stops. 2 11-5-0
4 Steelers Are they the team with the best chance to beat the Patriots? With that offense, they might be. 3 11-5-0
5 Chiefs They looked good beating the Broncos on Sunday night. Now they have to keep it going to the postseason. 3 12-4-0
6 Raiders Without Derek Carr, they have major issues. They can't win it all with Matt McGloin. 3 12-4-0
7 Seahawks They looked bad losing to the Cardinals. What happened to the defense? 3 10-5-1
8 Packers Nobody will want to play them in the playoffs. They have a division-deciding game with the Lions this week. 8 10-6-0
9 Giants That was not a good showing against the Eagles. They can't go into the postseason with two straight losses. This week's game is big. 3 11-5-0
10 Dolphins They are in the playoffs and that's an amazing job by coach Adam Gase. The defense has to tighten up after getting dominated by the Bills. 2 10-6-0
11 Lions They win against the Packers, and they win the division. They lose, and they could be out of the playoffs. 2 9-7-0
12 Broncos The Super Bowl champs will be home watching the playoffs. They have decisions to make at quarterback. 2 9-7-0
13 Ravens That was a gut-wrenching loss to the Steelers. They will be home for the postseason. 2 8-8-0
14 Buccaneers They blew their playoff chances the past two weeks, needing a miracle to get in now, but they have a lot to build on going forward. They have to improve the offensive line. 1 9-7-0
15 Texans They are the division champs, but they aren't very good. Their offense is awful. 1 9-7-0
16 Titans They weren't beating the Jaguars before Marcus Mariota went down, but that was tough to see. They overachieved this season. 1 9-7-0
17 Redskins Barring a Packers-Lions tie, if they win, they are in. That's it. And the Giants could rest guys. The Redskins can't blow that, can they? -- 8-7-1
18 Colts That wasn't a good showing by Andrew Luck against the Raiders. Are changes coming? -- 8-8-0
19 Vikings So much promise from the fast starts seems like a different time. They collapsed the past two weeks. -- 8-8-0
20 Bills Is it bye-bye, Rex Ryan time? It looks like it's going to happen now. -- 7-9-0
21 Saints Drew Brees is having an amazing season. It's too bad it's going to waste. -- 7-9-0
22 Cardinals That showing in Seattle is what we expected to see this season. They will be back in the playoff mix next season. 3 7-8-1
23 Panthers The Super Bowl hangover is complete. They never could get it going. 1 6-10-0
24 Bengals This season was undone by a lot of injuries. Can they bounce back next season? 1 6-9-1
25 Chargers Will this be Mike McCoy's last game this week? Or will he come back because of all the injury issues? 1 5-11-0
26 Eagles They showed some fight against the Giants and that has to make them feel better going into 2017. Carson Wentz will be fine. -- 7-9-0
27 Jets This is a dog team that showed all the signs of being quitters the past two weeks. Gross. -- 5-11-0
28 Rams Who will be the new coach is all that matters now. They don't have as much talent as some would make you think either. -- 4-12-0
29 Bears So much for the idea that Matt Barkley might be the long-term starter. They have to fix the quarterback spot. -- 3-13-0
30 Jaguars Who was that playing quarterback for the Jaguars against the Titans? Blake Bortles looked good -- for once this season. -- 3-13-0
31 49ers They showed some fight in beating the Rams. But it hurt their draft position. -- 2-14-0
32 Browns They won, but they still stay at the bottom. Hey, everybody else down here won as well. -- 1-15-0
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