NFL Week 7 as told by Twitter: Colts punter Pat McAfee delivers huge hit

This is how all punters should hit.
This is how all punters should hit. (via @Jon_Bois on Twitter)

Other than Chris Kluwe, Pat McAfee is the most vocal punter on Twitter. On Sunday night, he delivered a hit that blew up Twitter.

The Dolphins appear to be struggling with their attendance.

But Miami does attract Macklemore look-alikes.

Football in Florida really isn't going well at all for the Dolphins, Bucs, or Jags.

Let a former Eagles offensive lineman explain how weird the 3-0 score against the Cowboys was at halftime.

Who wouldn't watch this?

Amazingly, Andy Reid is 7-0.

Chris Long responds to fans chucking trash at him.

Do you think Tom Brady missed Rob Gronkowski?

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