Nike: NFL teams' throwback uniforms 'something we're working on'

Nike said throwback jerseys will come into play down the road. (Getty Images)

NEW YORK -- On Tuesday, Nike unveiled the new NFL uniforms. There wasn't much missing: most teams got a new look (or at least some tweaks) courtesy of the Swoosh, and the star power, in terms of players present, was stout.

One thing that wasn't covered? Throwbacks, which weren't discussed much in the wake of the new jerseys. However, Nike's Creative Director of Football Todd Van Horne said that throwback jerseys are absolutely something Nike's talked about with teams and they will eventually come down the pipe for teams that wants them.

"Some of it is yet to come," Van Horne said Tuesday. "The NFL has very strong rules about what happens on the third jersey and alternate colors. So a lot of that is individual and team choice about what's going to happen."

Every team announced the release of a home jersey and an away jersey on Tuesday; many teams also produced a third, alternate jersey. (All of them could have even announced one -- at this point everything in my brain is a random shade of teal so it's hard to tell what's what.)

But sometimes, teams like the Bills and Patriots prefer to kick it old school and bust out items like AFL jerseys. Van Horne told that fans can still expect to see throwbacks, but that they haven't been decided on -- the key was to get to Tuesday with all the "standard" jerseys locked down in a way that pleased the NFL teams first.

"Ownership -- the most exciting part for them -- is to get to this point where we have a home and an away jersey which you're seen in 99 percent of the time," Van Horne said. "So let's make sure that looks great and we'll work on the third jersey at a later date."

As the season moves along, Nike will continue to work with the various franchises, Van Horne said, in order to make sure they get the product they want produced in time for when they want to wear it.

"We will work with the teams as they go," Van Horne said. "It's individual teams' choices if they want to do that or not. So that's something we're working with them on."

There was some concern that Nike would take the same approach with the uniforms as they did with various Pro Combat college football jerseys; instead, it's clear from Tuesday's unveiling that Nike isn't trying to push the envelope with teams, unless those teams are truly interested in shaking things up.

Given the success of the jerseys on Tuesday, it's possible that down the line we could see some pretty fascinating throwback and/or alternate jerseys as teams really begin to trust the process.
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