'No way' Brett Favre considers comeback

Brett Favre says there's 'no way' he's considering a comeback this year.
Brett Favre says there's 'no way' he's considering a comeback this year.(USATSI)

It looked like we might be headed to a long, national nightmare when Brett Favre's agent Bus Cook decided to stir the pot and inform everyone Favre was in good enough shape to play football this year. Fortunately Favre himself quashed that speculation.

The ole' gunslinger told Lindsay Jones of USA Today that there's "no way" he's considering a comeback, although Cook was right about his physical health.

"I am [in shape], but I am no way considering playing," Favre said.

Favre is currently the offensive coordinator for the Oak Grove High School Warriors and, as Jones' story notes, is getting his "football fix" by coaching these youngsters.

"It's just rewarding to see results,"Favre said. "I've seen how you get affected by money and fame and those things, and these kids are raw. To get them to do something – they don't know any better. It's a bunch of good kids; it's been a lot of fun. This is the community we raised our kids in, and I just enjoy being around them."

Favre's work with the kids is helping to paint a fascinating comparative portrait of him over the long haul. Few players were more beloved than Favre while he was with the Packers. His legacy obviously took a hit while traipsing around with the Jets and Vikings to close out his career.

Now he's quickly becoming more beloved as we move further away from the end of his career. Which is why it's smart for him to make sure it remains the actual end.

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