Norv Turner: 'Nobody from the San Diego Chargers used stickum'

Turner denied the Chargers used stickum on Monday. (US Presswire)

On Sunday morning, a report emerged that the NFL was investigating the San Diego Chargers for using an illegal, sticky substance against the Broncos on Monday night in Week 6. The Chargers confirmed the investigation later in the day.

And on Monday, Chargers coach Norv Turner addressed the rumors and the investigation, denied that the Chargers used "stickum" and said the Chargers instead used a towel that many teams in the NFL use.

"Nobody from the San Diego Chargers used stickum in the game on Monday night against the Denver Broncos," Turner said in a press conference Monday. "Nobody in this organization has used stickum in any game. The questions that have been asked by the league involve a towel that's been used by this organization for over 10 years. It's used by a lot of teams in this league.

"The towel is used to dry the balls and dry the gloves that the players wear. The league is looking into the towel and that's about where we're at."

Turner seemed exasperated by the investigation, and it's hard to blame him. Going from a 24-point lead over a division rival at halftime of a prime-time game to having your team investigated for using an illegal, sticky substance coming off a second half where you blew that 24-point lead isn't a fun spot to be.

But if he's correct about what the Chargers used, then there shouldn't be an issue with San Diego's gear management. Instead, the issue will be with whether or not the league needs to look into an evaluation of the use of the towels that Turner described.

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