NSYNC approves of touchdown dance by Lions TE Joseph Fauria

Joseph Fauria concentrated hard during his *NSYNC themed end zone dance on Sunday. (USATSI)
Joseph Fauria concentrated hard during his *NSYNC themed end zone dance on Sunday. (USATSI)

There probably weren't too many *NSYNC fans watching the Lions-Redskins on Sunday, but the ones that were watching may have noticed something slightly familiar in the first half.

After scoring a touchdown in the second quarter of Detroit's 27-20 win over Washington, Lions tight end Joseph Fauria unveiled his best boy band moves in the end zone and did a 'Bye, Bye, Bye' touchdown dance.

If you're unfamiliar with 'Bye, Bye, Bye' -- and I won't blame you if you are -- it's a hit song from *NSYNC that made it to No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2000 and was also nominated for a Grammy. 

At least one person was impressed with Fauria's end zone dance: *NSYNC member Joey Fatone. Fatone tweeted to Fauria the day after the game. 

Now you might be wondering, 'Why in the name of Justin Timberlake did Fauria do an *NSYNC dance in the end zone?' 

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford has a theory on that one, "I think it had something to do with some late-night show. I think it was [Jimmy] Fallon," Stafford said, via MLive.com. "He and [Justin] Timberlake did a deal, 'The Evolution of the Touchdown Dance.' They said that if anybody copied their move and put it in the end zone, they'd put him on the show. So I think he was going for that."

It seems Stafford and Fauria both know their late night stuff. Fallon and Timberlake did do a skit called 'The Evolution of the Touchdown Dance.' The skit ran on Sept.10 and not only did Fallon offer to put an NFL player on the show if they did one of his dances, but he offered to pay their fines. 

Fauria is obviously aware of Fallon's offer and he seems kind of disappointed his 'Bye, Bye, Bye' end zone dance hasn't been shown on Fallon's show yet. 

Fauria says he has some more end zone dances up his sleeve. If Fauria's going to use one of the dances from Fallon's show, that could mean we see the 'I thought I just saw Aaron Hernandez' dance or the 'Manti Te'o on a date' dance. Both of those were featured on Fallon's Sept. 10 show, which you can see here

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