O.J. Simpson pleads with Nevada parole board to reduce prison term

O.J. Simpson asked that his prison term be reduced at his parole hearing on Thursday. (YouTube)
O.J. Simpson asked that his prison term be reduced at his parole hearing on Thursday. (YouTube)

An apologetic O.J. Simpson made his case to a Nevada parole board on Thursday that his prison term should be reduced. Simpson is currently serving up to 33 years in prison after being convicted of several charges -- including kidnapping and armed robbery -- in October 2008. 

"I am just sorry I had to send the state of Nevada legal system through all of this, because I know it has not been fun for the people involved," Simpson said during a 15-minute hearing that you can see here.  

Even if the parole board sides with Simpson, he won't be leaving prison any time in the near future, according to the Associated Press. The NFL Hall of Famer is only eligible for parole on the five concurrent sentences he's now serving. If he's paroled on those sentences, Simpson would begin serving time on other charges. The earliest Simpson could possibly be released on parole is four years from now.   

Simpson said that he's been a model inmate at the Lovelock Correction Center and that the board should take that into account. 

"Since I came to Lovelock, I gave them my word that I would be the best prisoner they ever had," Simpson said. "I think I've kept my word."

If Simpson can't get his parole reduced, he does have at least one other option that could possibly lead to him getting out of prison early.

In May, Simpson requested a new trial on the grounds that his lawyer, Yale Galanter, botched the first trial. If granted, Simpson could possibly win the new trial and be granted his freedom. Of course, Simpson could also lose a potential new trial. 

Clark County District Judge Linda Marie Bell is expected to make a ruling on that matter sometime in the near future.  

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