Patriots owner Robert Kraft is 'rooting' for Tebow to make roster

Patriots owner Robert Kraft is rooting for Tim Tebow to make the roster. (USATSI)
Patriots owner Robert Kraft is rooting for Tim Tebow to make the roster. (USATSI)

If Patriots owner Robert Kraft needs a second job -- and he probably doesn't because he's an NFL owner -- but if he does, he might make a good president of the Tim Tebow fan club. 

Kraft said on Tuesday that he's rooting for Tebow to make the Patriots final roster. Tebow came one step closer to making the final 53-man roster when he survived the NFL's first round of cuts on Tuesday. 

"I'm rooting for him big time," Kraft said, via the Boston Globe. "He's a very special young man. He's been a real joy to have around here."

Of course, Kraft's the Patriots owner, so he doesn't get to decide who makes the roster, he pays Bill Belichick to do that, "I have the privilege of letting Bill make those decisions," Kraft said. "He has a pretty good record doing it."

Belichick's 'pretty good record' has mostly included not keeping players he doesn't need and if the Patriots third preseason game is any indication, Belichick doesn't need Tebow. Tebow played exactly zero plays in New England's 40-9 loss to Detroit. 

Of course, Tebow making the roster isn't completely out of the question. Tebow should get some serious playing time in the Patriots final preseason game on Thursday when New England hosts the Giants and during that playing time, Tebow needs to prove he's an asset to the team. 

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