Pettine: 'You wouldn't know' Manziel parties once football starts

Mike Pettine says Johnny Manziel's a different person inside the Browns building.
Mike Pettine says 'you wouldn't know' Manziel parties once football starts. (USATSI)

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Mike Pettine was asked about Johnny Manziel's on-field performance during a radio interview on Wednesday and acknowledged the rookie quarterback has been "very impressive" in terms of his advancing on the learning curve.

In that same interview with ESPN's Mike & Mike, Pettine was asked whether or not Manziel's off-field, off-season person -- you may have heard of him involved in shenanigans once or twice over the summer? -- and said you "wouldn't know he has that persona" with the way he acts on the field.

"He’s been great … in all phases of football when he’s in the building. Taking care of himself in the training room, he’s been solid in the weight room," Pettine said. "In the meeting room, he gets it and he can get up on the board and diagram plays and he asks the right questions. You wouldn’t know he has that persona, that reputation outside the building.

"If you ask his teammates, he’ll say he’s just one of the guys."

This shouldn't be shocking. We saw this all unfold last year, before Manziel was even in the NFL. An offseason full of jet-setting and appearing at major events after winning the Heisman and partying led to massive scrutiny from fans, media, coaches, etc., which led to Manziel giving lip service in apology form and then eventually settling down once football started and being really good at playing the game.

Time is a flat circle

And Manziel is good at playing football. By all accounts he's a smart kid who works his ass off in the film room, in the weight room and throughout the season. He will eventually overtake Brian Hoyer for the starting Browns job, whether it be before the season or if the Browns struggle out of the gate.

The other eventuality? We'll probably go through this all over again next year too.

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