Peyton Manning: Cam Newton 'was extremely humble' after Super Bowl

In the 12 or so hours since Super Bowl 50 ended in a crushing defeat for the Panthers, Cam Newton's gotten killed by just about everybody. He struggled mightily against a stiff Broncos' pass rush and made the situation worse when he stormed out of his postgame press conference. Now, the league's MVP is under attack.

One player didn't pile on, though. Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning defended Newton's attitude after the game, saying he "couldn't have been nicer to me. He was extremely humble."

"He'll be back in that game, I can promise you," Manning added. "I've been on that side of it. It is tough, it is not an easy pill to swallow. But he was very nice to me and I really appreciated that."

On Sunday, Newton completed just 18 of his 41 pass attempts for 265 yards and an interception. His passer rating? Just 55.4. He also lost two costly fumbles, both of which led to Denver touchdowns. Still, the poor showing wasn't entirely his fault, as the Broncos' pass rushers had their way with the Panthers' offensive line, continually hitting and harassing Newton. 

According to Peyton Manning, Cam Newton was humble in defeat. (USATSI)

Regardless, Newton will get killed for his performance and the way in which he handled his press conference. Some Broncos didn't even hesitate to call him out after the game for his alleged selfishness.

But Manning's account of their postgame meeting at midfield provides another side to the story -- one that doesn't portray Newton as the villain.

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