PHOTO: Falcons QB Matt Ryan shows off his Luke Kuechly Panthers jersey

Matt Ryan poses with an autographed Luke Kuechly jersey. (via @JaseInTheHole)
Matt Ryan poses with an autographed Luke Kuechly jersey. (@JaseInTheHole)

Is Matt Ryan a closet Carolina Panthers fan? Probably not, but the Falcons quarterback did take the time to pose for this picture holding an autographed Luke Kuechly jersey. 

There are several reasons Ryan could be smiling in this picture. First, he lit up the Panthers defense last season and Kuechly's jersey probably reminds him of those games. Two of Ryan's five top games during the 2012 regular season came against Carolina. Ryan averaged 355.5 yards and 2.5 touchdown passes againts the Panthers last season. 

Another reason Ryan could be smiling is because HE JUST GOT AN AUTOGRAPHED LUKE KUECHLY JERSEY. Kuechly was the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year last season and one could only be so lucky to score such an awesome jersey.

Or Ryan's just smiling because he went to Boston College and Kuechly went to Boston College and he's glad to see a fellow former BC player doing so well in the NFL.

However, one thing's for sure: Ryan probably won't be smiling the next time he see's Kuechly on the field because the Panthers linebacker will probably be trying to take Ryan's head off. Kuechly's best game in 2012 actually came against Atlanta when he recorded a season-high 16 tackles in a December win over the Falcons.  

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