PHOTO: Meet Louis Delmas' former gator Mojo

Louis Delmas with Mojo back in July 2013. (Twitter)
Louis Delmas with Mojo back in June 2013. (Twitter)

There's something about having a pet that requires you to buy other pets as food. 

Yeah, I'm not a big reptile-as-pet guy. And neither is Lions wideout Kevin Ogletree, who had the same reaction when moving in with teammate Louis Delmas

A quick backstory. Five years ago, former Lions linebacker Ernie Sims gave Delmas (a huge reptile fan himself) a gator egg. Well, as the circle of life tells us, gator eggs grow up to become live gators, living in one's basement tank, living off a two-giant-rat-a-day diet. 

The gator, named Mojo, is now 6 feet long and as Delmas told, "ate my refrigerator dry." 

Circle. Life. Of. 

But then came Ogletree, the New York kid who doesn't want to live with a live gator and well, Delmas even admitted that keeping a 6-foot gator in the house wasn't good for all parties, gator included, so the safety passed Mojo to the Allen Park Critter Shop. From there, Mojo could become a member of the Detroit Zoo. 

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