PHOTO: Redskins' Brian Orakpo, Colt McCoy with Matthew McConaughey

Brian Orakpo and Colt McCoy made a new friend on Friday. (Twitter/@Rak98)
Brian Orakpo and Colt McCoy made a new friend on Friday. (Twitter/@Rak98)

When Matthew McConaughey isn't busy winning Academy Awards, he occasionally holds golf tournaments, like the one he held on Friday in Texas to support

McConaughey is a huge fan of the University of Texas, so as you can imagine, he managed to make time during the tournament to take pictures with anyone and everyone who attended the school -- a list that includes both Colt McCoy and Brian Orakpo, who are both pictured above with McConaughey. 

The picture was probably as exciting for McConaughey as it was for Orakpo and McCoy, mainly because the actor grew up as a Redskins fan and is still a big one.  

McConaughey didn't limit himself to only taking pictures with Redskins players who went to Texas, he also took a picture with former NFL wide receivers Quan Cosby and Jordan Shipley, who of course, are also both former Longhorns. Basically, if you're not a former Longhorn, stay away from McConaughey.  

If you ever make it to a McConaughey charity golf tournament, just know that he takes his events seriously: Sheryl Crow opened up the event on Thursday with a 90-minute concert. 

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