Randy Moss: The greatest author to ever do it

NEW ORLEANS -- Step aside, Mark Twain and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Randy Moss is coming into the author game to shut it down. Not only does he believe he’s the best wide receiver to ever play the game, but just a few days away from Super Bowl XLVII he’s also thinking about adding author to his resume.

“For people to understand me a little more, to understand what I have been through, I would like to write a book,” Moss said. “I really do not have a title for it right now. I think once it is all said and done and everything settles down for me, slows down a little bit, I think I am going to write a book."

Moss imagines the book to be easy reading and something that goes along with a nice macchiato on a rainy afternoon.

“I am not trying to write a book that is going to be disrespectful and like that,” Moss said. “I think it is just something like when you go to Starbucks to get coffee or you go to see people and read a book, I would like for people to really sit down and enjoy my book. Get to know me a little better."

Since he doesn’t have a title for his book, I thought I’d help a brother out. Here are some title suggestions for the novel of Moss’s life (thanks to some of our Twitter followers using the #mossbook hashtag).

Straight Cash Homie

Straight Words Homie @ stephen_odell

The Moss Is Always Greener @akantecki

No Mas: the end zone of my career @coach_ddavis

On The Rocks: the life of Moss @papaschmeezy

Fros & Cornrows: inside the helmet of Randy Moss @lewkatGTG

Going Deep @dlow1414

I’m Mossy @rolandoramos112

I’d Rather Be Fishing

The Best Book To Ever Do It

Write When I Wanna To Write

Moss This, Moss That

The Allegorical Perspective of Randy Gene Moss

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