Redskins' Niles Paul: RG3 'will ball out' wherever he plays next year

Today is Feb. 17, which means the Robert Griffin III era in Washington is officially in its final days. Unless the Redskins pull a shocker, they'll undoubtedly cut their former first-round pick before they're forced to pay him a boatload of cash on March 9. Now, it's just a matter of where the former Heisman winner will attempt to revive his once-promising, now-on-life-support career.

According to Redskins tight end Niles Paul, who missed the season with a fractured ankle, it won't matter where RG3 lands.

"Robert hasn't missed a beat," Paul told 106.7 the Fan, a CBS Sports Radio station. "I'm confident, wherever he goes, he'll play and I expect him to do big things, because that's just the type of person he is, the competitor he is. I know Rob is not down and out, he's just that type of guy and I love him to death. I know that, if it's not here, wherever he goes he'll ball out. I guarantee that."

By now, RG3's rollercoaster career has been documented to death, but it can be hard to remember just how good he was in his rookie season, which culminated in the Rookie of the Year award. But after excelling in his first season, it all unraveled.

Robert Griffin III by year
Year Record Comp. percentage Passing yards Rushing yards Total TDs  INTs Passer rating
2012 9-6 65.6 3,200 815 27 5 102.4
2013 3-10 60.1 3,203 489 16 12 82.2
2014 2-5 68.7 1,694 176 5 6 86.9

Eventually, RG3 spent the past season on the bench and playing scout-team quarterback as Kirk Cousins took over Washington with chants of "You like that!" And now, it's Cousins who's seeking a long-term deal with the club. Meanwhile, RG3's time in Washington most likely ended with an inspirational note and a box.

But that doesn't mean RG3 is set to disappear for good. In fact, he's only one Jerry Jones phone call away from keeping his place in the headlines.

At least one teammate still believes in RG3's ability. (USATSI)
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