Report: 49ers 'banned' Colin Kaepernick from preseason running

Even though he has a howitzer of an arm, 49ers youngster Colin Kaepernick is probably best known for his running ability. He literally put the Packers -- his Week 1 opponent -- on spin cycle during the playoffs. But he didn't run during the preseason, apparently because he was "banned" from doing so.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the 49ers banned Kaepernick from running the football during the preseason entirely.

The third-year quarterback did run once but it was on a scramble on a blown play; that was the only rushing action Kaep took during his 40 preseason snaps.

What's the logic here? The 49ers apparently wanted to maximize Kaepernick's in-game repetitions from the pocket.

That's a smart move for a number of reasons. The read-option offense isn't going to just wither out and die, but Kaep needs to beat defenses in the pocket. I'm convinced he can (and I'm sure the 49ers are as well) but training yourself to work within the confines of a "traditional" offense is critical to long-term growth as an NFL quarterback.

Rapoport also reports that the 49ers can expect a call from Kaep's agent on the first day of the 2014 league year, when he's eligible to have his contract reworked. It won't be surprising at all if the 49ers pony up for Kaepernick as soon as possible in order to lock him in while he's still young.

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