Report: Jared Lorenzen injures ankle, leaves arena in ambulance

Jared Lorenzen with the River Monsters. (USATSI)
Jared Lorenzen with the River Monsters. (via @Ky1eSc0tt's Twitter feed)
Jared Lorenzen may have last played in the NFL in 2007 but he remains as popular as ever. Last week, we found out he was still getting paid to sling the football, now with the Northern Kentucky River Monsters of the Continental Indoor Football League, a fact that, along with his ample frame, made for something of a social media phenomenon recently.

The 320-plus-pound quarterback took the acclaim in stride, telling the Cincinnati Enquirer's Paul Dehner that “I honestly think [the attention is] because I was a big guy wearing a really tight, white jersey. If I am wearing blue or our opposite green, it ain’t as funny. But you see the big guy running around avoiding people and it’s funny. And I get it.”

On Sunday in a game against the Erie Explosion, Lorenzen was injured while scrambling to his left and had to be carried from the field by four people.

Fox 19's Joe Danneman tweeted that Lorenzen, who injured his ankle, apologized for getting hurt before leaving the arena in an ambulance.

“It’s great to be the flash in the pan and all that, but if you don’t have fun with this what the hell are you doing in life?” Lorenzen told Dehner last week. “Live this up, get your 15 minutes of it and bow away from it. I enjoy it, I love it, I think it’s funny.”

Here's to hoping for a speedy recovery for the Hefty Lefty.

via Deadspin, @Ky1eSc0tt

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