Report: NFL fines Ndamukong Suh for hit on Brandon Weeden

Was this an illegal hit by Suh? The NFL reportedly thinks so. (FOX)
Ndamukong Suh again finds himself in the NFL's crosshairs. The Lions defensive tackle, who has already been fined $100,000 this season for an illegal block on Vikings' center John Sullivan, has reportedly been fined $31,500 after a questionable hit on Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden last Sunday.

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The play wasn't flagged on the field, but it didn't escape the watchful eye of VP of Officials Dean Blandino.

"No. 90 hits the quarterback, lowers his head, and it was not called. [It's a] potential helmet to the body," Blandino told a room full of NFL executives Monday. (You can see the video of the play here.)

The job of meting out any fines falls to one of the men in that room: VP of Football Operations and nine-year NFL veteran Merton Hanks.

Last week, Suh lost his appeal of the $100,000 fine, which is the largest in NFL history for on-field conduct. It was also the sixth time Suh had been fined in his four-year career

"We're disappointed that Ndamukong was fined at all and that it wasn't reduced," his agent Roosevelt Barnes told the Associated Press. "It is clear from the film, when you slow it down frame by frame, that Ndamukong was clearly in front of the player and that his head and shoulder, when he started off blocking him, were above the player's waist. But because Ndamukong left his feet, he was going to hit the ground and was going to get tangled on the lower part of the player's body."

Now it appears that Suh has been fined a seventh time.

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