Report: Redskins, Cowboys file grievance against NFL, NFLPA

Jones and Snyder are doing the unthinkable: teaming up together to fight the NFL.(Getty Images)

On Friday, Jerry Jones let it be known that he planned on fighting the NFL's decision to take away cap space from the Cowboys, even if it meant aligning with Dallas' mortal enemy, the Washington Redskins. The two franchises have reportedly begun that process, filing a grievance against the NFL, NFLPA and NFL Management Council.

That's according to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, who reports that while "not many details are known about the grievance ... the other 30 teams will receive a full briefing this week" at the NFL owners meetings in Florida.

Florio writes that the grievance likely "focuses on procedural defects." In other words, the Redskins and Cowboys believe that it was outside of the NFL and NFLPA's jurisdiction to simply agree to take away the cap space from the teams, in the absence of a vote from the other 30 NFL teams or the folks who run the NFLPA.

In addition, the grievance reportedly dodges the elephant in the room: that the Redskins and Cowboys are being punished for refusing to participate in collusion prior to the lockout.

Who hears the grievance though? Well, according to Florio, including the union in the grievance allowed the Cowboys and Redskins to circumvent the jurisdiction of Roger Goodell. Instead, a neutral arbitrator will hear the case and decide whether or not the Cowboys and Redskins were punished fairly.

If nothing else, it should make for a very interesting -- and awkward -- dynamic over the next week as the NFL owners meet.
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