Report: Russell Wilson takes out insurance policy worth 'millions'

When Russell Wilson steps on the field in 2015, the Seahawks offensive line won't be the only thing protecting him, the 26-year-old quarterback will also be protected by a huge insurance policy, according to

If Wilson were to suffer a career-ending injury in 2015, the policy would pay out "millions" to the Seahawks quarterback, although it's unknown what the exact number is. 

The fact that Wilson is trying to protect himself against a possible injury obviously makes sense, but the insurance policy could also mean something else: It might mean that Wilson doesn't feel good about his chances to get an extension done with the Seahawks before the upcoming season starts. 

If a deal doesn't get done, then Wilson will play the 2015 season under the final year of his rookie deal that he signed in 2012, a contract that will only pay him $1.542 million for 2015. 

Back in early June, Wilson had said he was prepared to play out his rookie deal if that's what he had to do. 

"I'm prepared for that 100 percent if that's the case," Wilson said.  

The reason Wilson only needs an insurance policy for this season is because after 2015, he's definitely going to get paid as long he doesn't get injured.

If Wilson stays healthy, the worse-case scenario would be that he never gets an extension done and he has to play out the next two years under the franchise tag, but if that happens, the Seahawks would have to pay him roughly $21 million in 2016 and 20 percent more than that in 2017, which could mean $45 million over the next two years.

That would be a huge increase for Wilson, who will only have made a total of $2.997 million in his career if he plays out his rookie deal. 

Russell Wilson isn't taking any chances with his future. (USATSI)
Russell Wilson isn't taking any chances with his future. (USATSI)

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