Report: Terrelle Pryor has had 'breakthrough of sorts' in Seattle

Could Terrelle Pryor move up the depth chart in Seattle? (USATSI)
Could Terrelle Pryor move up the depth chart in Seattle? (USATSI)

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Back in late April, the Seahawks sent a seventh-rounder to the Raiders for quarterback Terrelle Pryor. It was a small price to pay for a player with plenty of raw ability but little to show for it in terms of actual on-field success.

But the Seahawks didn't have much in the way of expectations for Pryor; Russell Wilson is entrenched as the starter, and as recently as last week, Pryor "has not looked good" during offseason workouts, according to

Pryor's "throws have been off the mark, sometimes too high and others too low ... (and) he doesn't look comfortable on some of his reads," the story continued. If that sounds familiar, it should; it's basically the weekly scouting report from his time in Oakland.

But the Seahawks aren't going to rush Pryor.

"He's working really, really hard to get it," offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell said Monday. "There are a lot of good things that are happening out here. Sometimes just being able to spit the play out in the huddle can be a challenge and that hasn't been a problem for him. He's been able to rip right through it. He's picking up the offense really well."

And in an interview with ESPN radio, the Seattle Times' Danny O'Neill offered an even more glowing assessment of Pryor's progress.

"Talking to someone who'd know yesterday, I heard the Seahawks believe he's made as much progress as anyone over the past month," O'Neill said Tuesday. "In fact, they feel there's been a breakthrough of sorts for him."

As it stands, Pryor is the No. 3 quarterback behind Wilson and Tarvaris Jackson. Whether this recent "breakthrough" means Pryor has a chance to move up the depth chart is another matter, one that won't be decided until training camp at the earliest.

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