Rex Ryan was upset at losing DRC; says Geno Smith 'hard to beat' at QB

Ryan Ryan has confidence in Geno Smith. (USATSI)
Rex Ryan has confidence in Geno Smith. (USATSI)

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Earlier this week, shortly after cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie signed with the Giants, there were reports that Jets coach Rex Ryan "wasn't pleased" with the development -- primarily because his team, which met with DRC, has needs at the position.

On Thursday, Ryan admitted as much.

"You know what's funny? You can use that word (pissed off) -- or disappointed -- any time a guy comes into our building and we'd like to have him on our team, and he doesn't sign with us, yeah, I get upset," Ryan told Eric Allen of "I'm upset with that player. 'How could he not see that this was the place?' And quite honestly, when you bring a player in, it's not just him checking you out, you're checking him out and making sure he's a fit. ...

"It goes back to my college days recruiting. You don't get everybody that you go out for but again, that's a moment thing -- yeah, you're upset over that but [then it's] what do we have next? And that's it."

Ryan was also asked about the reports that the team was meeting with former Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, and what that might mean for Geno Smith's future as the Jets' starter.

"Well, I'll say this," Ryan began, "not just about the young man you mentioned but you take guys with that kind of ability -- guys that can use their legs, guys that are fast and can do all that -- and you take our quarterback, Geno Smith, a guy that ran a 4.5-something out of the combine, the fastest quarterback in the draft last year, and what he did. How he started running for first downs ... touchdowns. That brings a whole different element to when you're trying to stop him.

"This young man's going to be hard to beat out," Ryan continued. "I don't care who comes in here. We want competition at every spot -- I think it's great -- but make no mistake, Geno Smith gonna be hard to beat out. The last four weeks of the season, when most rookies are (on the decline), he's (on the rise). And we all saw it coming. And what's (the) evidence? He's the second-highest quarterback rating in the National Football League. ... Was he using his legs? Was he protecting the football? Was he throwing it with accuracy? Did he really take to Marty's (Mornhenweg) offense and the Jets offense?

"Yeah, he absolutely did. He grew by leaps and bounds. That's what I was so excited about. And the competition -- whoever we bring in -- that is going to be outstanding. But make no mistake, Geno Smith, he's gonna be hard to beat out, I'm just telling you.

Finally, Ryan was asked about Darrelle Revis, the former Jet who is now with the Patriots.

"He's a New England Patriot," Ryan conceded. "And it's as simple as that. He's now the enemy."

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