RG3 is reportedly hiring a QB guru who worked with Tom Brady

Robert Griffin III is stealing page out of Tom Brady's book -- well, and Tim Tebow's book.

According to Cleveland.com, RG3's next destination is Los Angeles, where he'll train with quarterback guru Tom House, who has worked with pretty much every quarterback in existence, from Brady and Drew Brees to Tebow and, now, Griffin. The purpose of his reported visit is to straighten out his throwing mechanics.

RG3 signed a two-year deal with the Browns last week, so that means his time with House will be limited, as he'll be expected to report to the Browns' offseason program on April 4. Still, per Cleveland.com, he'll likely head back down to L.A. to train with House before Browns training camp begins this summer.

RG3 will reportedly work with a quarterback guru to fix his mechanics. (USATSI)

He won't be the first Hue Jackson quarterback to work with House, a former MLB pitcher who uses 3D-Motions analysis in his work. So did Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton, who experienced a career year in 2015.

But that example alone doesn't guarantee RG3 success. Seemingly every offseason, we hear news about a struggling quarterback who hires a private coach to fix his mechanics. And while that's not a bad thing, it's not an indicator of future success. After all, once the quarterback transitions from summer practice sessions to live game-action where 300-pound linemen are diving at his feet, his mechanics typically revert back to muscle memory -- the same clunky mechanics that landed him in quarterback school in the first place.

That doesn't mean it won't work for RG3. It just means fine-tuning his mechanics might require more than a one-week session with a noted quarterback guru.

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