Rob Gronkowski soldiering on with 'Entourage' movie despite ACL

A torn ACL wont' stop Gronk from Gronking in 'Entourage.'
A torn ACL wont' stop Gronk from Gronking in 'Entourage.'(USATSI)

Can't nobody hold Gronk down. (Oh nooo.) Despite an ACL and MCL tear that will end his 2013 season, the Patriots tight end is going to fight through and he's going to appear in the Entourage movie, dammit.

His reps told TMZ that Gronk doesn't have any plans to abandon his cameo in the movie -- he's playing himself apparently, which is the best-case scenario for everyone involved -- despite the injury. Nor should he.

Per TMZ, Gronk's scene will be shot in February, which means the NFL season will likely be over by the time he actually sets foot on set.

A professional athlete, even one who recently injured his knee, appearing in a big-time pop-culture movie would barely move the needle if this wasn't Gronk we were talking about.

He's got to get his while the getting's good and given his history of injuries and the way the NFL spits out even the most talented players who go down, there's no guarantee that the getting is there for all that long.

Maybe he'll see John Fox on set.

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