Roddy White paying up NCAA bet with Super Bowl and season tickets

Roddy White lost a bet, now he's paying up in a big way. (USATSI)
Roddy White lost a bet, now he's paying up in a big way. (USATSI)

After five days of mulling things over, it looks like Roddy White has had a change of heart. On March 18, the Falcons wide receiver told a fan on Twitter that he'd give the fan Falcons season tickets on the 50-yard line if Mercer beat Duke in the NCAA tournament

Well, Mercer did beat Duke, but instead of season tickets, White said he'd give the fan one ticket, to one game. 

The fan, Dylan Hoyt, never complained about White backtracking on his promise, but the rest of Twitter did. For almost five straight days, White has been receiving tweets like the one below, tweets telling him to pay up on the bet. Sidenote: Most tweets to White used words we're not allowed to publish on this web site. 

Apparently, White has decided that paying up is the right thing to do. The Falcons receiver tweeted on Thursday that he'll not only be giving Hoyt season-tickets, but a little something else:

Thanks to Mercer's win, Hoyt will now have two Falcons season-tickets for next season and two tickets to next year's Super Bowl. I'd say he should share them with the Mercer players, but that's probably against NCAA rules.   

Now we just need Bills linebacker Brandon Spikes to pay up on his bet

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