Santonio Holmes on Jets production: 'I can't throw it to myself'

Santonio Holmes barely made it back on the field from a 2012 Lisfranc injury when he suffered a hamstring injury in Week 4 against the Titans. During that game he wasn't particularly productive, catching just a single pass for 25 yards.

It wasn't Santonio's fault, though. Just ask him!

“I played 49 plays and all I know is that I had one catch. That’s all I can attest for,’’ Holmes said. “It’s the offense’s job. I can’t throw it to myself and catch it, otherwise I would."

You could say that's a "veiled shot" at Geno Smith, or you could call it a SCUD missile directly at the quarterback. The latter sounds a lot more accurate.

Holmes hasn't always been the happiest camper with the Jets. And he's typically entrenched on the side of Mark Sanchez as well. He backed off a bit, pointing out that "a lot of times you get double-covered" and therefore can't be targeted but also left no room for doubt about where he puts the blame.

“I just have to do my part which is the position that I’m in, which is playing the primary ‘X’ receiver and a lot of times you get double-covered [and] get taken out of the play,’’ Holmes said. “The progression and the reads from the quarterback have to go elsewhere."

Perhaps it's frustration on Holmes' part? After all it doesn't look like his hammy will let him play on Monday against the Falcons.

The wideout hasn't been ruled out yet but Rex Ryan made it pretty clear Thursday, telling reporters to "figure it out" when asked about the chances of Holmes and fellow wideout Stephen Hill playing in Atlanta.

"You guys figure it out," Ryan said Thursday. "[It] looks like they never practiced today."

In related news, the Jets are now double-digit underdogs.

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