Sen. Cantwell asks for more letters from colleagues to NFL on Redskins

On Thursday we learned that 50 senators wrote letters to the NFL, urging the league to do something about the Redskins nickname. Later that day, Sen. Maria Cantwell (D - Washington) took to the floor of the U.S. Senate and asked her more colleagues to do the same.

"I also come to the floor and ask my colleagues who have not signed onto the letter to sign onto a letter asking the NFL to take action as aggressively as the NBA took action and to move on this issue,” Cantwell said. “I’ll be sending a letter to each of my colleagues to ask them to sign onto this letter or write their own letter as one of our colleagues did. 

"I’m convinced if each member of this body speaks on this issue and is forceful in their resolve that we can help initiate change."

Cantwell pointed out that "intolerance is a problem" and that by not responding to the requests for a change is "a disrespect" to various tribal entities.

And she pointed out the problem the US Patent Office doesn't recognize the team's nickname.

"So what is it going to take to get the name of this team changed? I say to my colleagues that even the patent office, a federal agency with determining whether a word can be protected in commerce says this term is a derogatory slang and is disparaging to Native Americans," Cantwell said. "So we believe that Commissioner Goodell should act -- that he needs to do what the NBA did and make sure one of their owners puts the end to the wrong use of a football term and to join the right side of history."

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