Someone paid $375 in auction for old Metrodome urinal

Metrodome trough urinals went for as much as $375 in a recent auction. (Photo via
Metrodome trough urinals went for as much as $375 in a recent auction. (via
If you've ever been in a stadium bathroom and thought to yourself, "What my home could really use is a 8-to-12-foot stainless steel urinal trough," then you missed a golden opportunity to realize that dream.

The Metrodome recently auctioned off their old bathroom troughs and not only did they manage to sell six of them, bidding ranged from $260-$375 for the well-used items, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

“Work great for livestock feeders or beverage coolers,” read the Savage seller’s auction Web page for the troughs, by way of the Tribune. “Condition of units vary,” the description continues. “Some have minor dents and dings from the removal process.”

Bidding began May 11 at the low, low price of $5. But once Deadspin and Reddit drew attention to the auction, the bidding wars began.

“I saw these, and I was hoping they’d stay quiet, because I was hoping to get one,” P.J. Fanberg, operator of the Maple Plain auction house, told the Tribune. “Fifty percent of our traffic is going to that one auction.”

Don't worry if you missed out. The Silverdome is having its own "Everything must go!" auction, which, we'd imagine, includes urinal troughs. No need to thank us.

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