Super Bowl LI odds: Patriots on top, Raiders up big after free agency

For the first time in about 13 years, oddsmakers seem to actually be impressed with what the Oakland Raiders are doing during the offseason. In the latest Super Bowl odds released by Bovada on Wednesday, the Raiders made the biggest post-free agency jump.

Thanks to the addition of lineman Kelechi Osemele , cornerback Sean Smith and linebacker Bruce Irvin , the Raiders have now been given 33-to-1 odds to win Super Bowl LI. Sure, that's only the 14th-best odds in the NFL right now, but it's a huge jump for the Raiders, who were listed at 66-1 odds on Feb. 8. Back then, the Raiders had the third-worst odds of any team in the NFL.

Houston was the only other team to make a huge jump in odds since the start of free agency. The Houston Texans ' decision to add Brock Osweiler and Lamar Miller improved the team's Super Bowl odds from 40-1 to 20-1. Only seven teams currently have better Super Bowl odds than the Texans.

Of course, if you were to bet on the Texans, that would mean betting on Brock Osweiler, which means betting on the guy who's arguably the fourth-best quarterback in the AFC South. 

Oddsmakers aren't the only ones who are impressed with what the Raiders and Texans have done this offseason. In his free-agency grades,'s Pete Prisco gave both teams an 'A.'

Thanks to free agency, there's now a clear-cut favorite for the 2016 NFL season: the New England Patriots .

The Patriots are listed as 15-2 favorites, which puts them slightly ahead of five teams that are logjammed at 10-1 odds. Six weeks ago, the Patriots were tied with the Carolina Panthers and the Seattle Seahawks as the overall favorite.

The team with the worst odds to win it all next season is -- yup, you guessed it -- the Cleveland Browns

By the way, if you see any Raiders fans in Las Vegas over the summer, they're probably betting on their team to win it all, because Raiders fans love betting on their team to win it all. 

"Always bet on black" is probably going to become the official motto of Raiders Nation for the 2016 season.

Although free agency isn't technically over, the pickings are pretty slim right now so there's a good chance that these odds won't change much until after the NFL Draft.

You can see the current odds for each team below

Super Bowl 51 odds as of March 16 (via Bovada)

1. Patriots: 15-to-2

T-2. Panthers: 10-to-1

T-2. Denver Broncos : 10-to-1

T-2. Green Bay Packers : 10-to-1

T-2. Pittsburgh Steelers : 10-to-1

T-2. Seahawks: 10-to-1

7. Arizona Cardinals : 16-to-1

T-8. Dallas Cowboys : 20-to-1

T-8. Texans: 20-to-1

T-10. Cincinnati Bengals : 22-to-1

T-10. Minnesota Vikings : 22-to-1

T-12. Indianapolis Colts : 25-to-1

T-12. Kansas City Chiefs : 25-to-1

T-14. New York Giants : 33-to-1

T-14. Raiders: 33-to-1

16. Baltimore Ravens : 40-to-1

T-17. Atlanta Falcons : 50-to-1

T-17. Buffalo Bills : 50-to-1

T-17. Chicago Bears : 50-to-1

T-17. Detroit Lions : 50-to-1

T-17. Los Angeles Rams : 50-to-1

T-17. New Orleans Saints : 50-to-1

T-17. New York Jets : 50-to-1

T-17. Philadelphia Eagles : 50-to-1

T-17. San Diego Chargers : 50-to-1

T-17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers : 50-to-1

T-17. Washington Redskins : 50-to-1

T-28. Jacksonville Jaguars : 66-to-1

T-28. Miami Dolphins : 66-to-1

T-28. San Francisco 49ers : 66-to-1

31. Tennessee Titans : 100-to-1

32. Browns: 150-to-1

Will the Raiders end up in Houston next February? (USATSI)
Will the Raiders end up in Houston next February? (USATSI)
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