Terrell Owens fires back at Marvin Harrison for Hall of Fame comments

The juxtaposition between Marvin Harrison and Terrell Owens is distinct. Both productive receivers in the 1990s and 2000s, one is the embodiment of stoicism in football and the other is the quintessential diva receiver.

So it was a little bit surprising to see Harrison open up on Owens to Clark Judge on the Talk of Fame Network radio show. Then again opening up probably isn't accurate. Harrison went off on Owens, saying "the hell with him" among other profane things.

The interview went viral (as you might expect) and floated all over Twitter.

Owens saw it and retweeted a link to the story while adding a comment. 

Woah. There's nothing funny about what Owens said (Owens used emojis indicating "I'm laughing so hard I'm crying") because someone died after being shot by a gun owned by Harrison.

But this very quickly evolved from an interview with a future Hall of Famer to a serious spat with a likely Hall of Famer -- and one of the most aggressive comments you'll ever see on Twitter.

Harrison's comments were totally out of character -- at least from what we expect out of the former Colts star -- but Owens' tweet feels about what you would expect from him. He has no interest in letting Harrison get away with the attack.

Marvin Harrison and Terrell Owens are not good friends. (USATSI)
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