Terrell Owens heard that Cris Carter 'begged his way' into Hall of Fame

Despite what the numbers from his 15-year career say, Terrell Owens is not in the Hall of Fame. Owens, who was eligible for the first time this year, got snubbed. And now, Owens is handling that rejection in vintage T.O. fashion. He's not going down without getting a few words in first.

On Wednesday, Owens appeared on ESPN's Mike & Mike. There, he took aim at Cris Carter.

Unlike Owens, Carter is in the Hall of Fame, having been inducted back in 2013. While Owens acknowledged that Carter is worthy of that honor, he still ripped him for allegedly begging "his way into the Hall of Fame." From 2008-12, Carter was a finalist each year but fell short of election. 

Terrell Owens took aim at Cris Carter on Wednesday. (USATSI)

"[Cris Carter] is a guy that's criticized me plenty of times, for anything," Owens said, per Sports Illustratedpointing to a time early in his career when Carter apparently called him mediocre. "For me, that was something that motivated me. ... For somebody like that, for Cris Carter to come out and say something like that, I just felt like it was disrespectful. And so now, when you look at where I am statistically, I've surpassed him. And from what I've heard, from a lot of guys, he begged his way into the Hall of Fame."

Here's how the two receivers stack up (Owens isn't wrong).

Terrell Owens vs. Cris Carter
Player Receptions Receiving yards Receiving TDs
Owens 1,078 15,934 153
Carter 1,101 13,899 130

And, as Owens mentioned, Carter hasn't always been kind to him. For instance, take Carter's book, Going Deep. ESPN published a few excerpts from that book, including a section in which Carter writes about Owens. Carter wasn't especially nice, saying they "were never meant to be friends."

Well, the feeling certainly appears to be mutual.

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