Terrell Owens hits the lanes in competitive amateur bowling tourney

Terrell Owens made his team bowling debut Wednesday. (USATSI)

Former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens has been eyeing a return to the league, but the 39-year-old seems to have a backup plan in place should no teams take a chance on him.


Owens made his United States Bowling Congress Open Championships debut at the National Bowling Stadium Wednesday, rolling a 475 series with games of 185, 129, and 161. 

"The first game went pretty well," Owens told Bowl.com. "I'm still new to this, so when I saw some of the guys switching balls, I felt I should switch, too. I probably should have stayed with the same ball. I ended up going back to the first ball I used and made some other minor adjustments with my feet and eyes."

I'm no expert, but 129 seems kind of low.

However, here he is striking for the fourth time in a row!


TO, who is the celebrity owner of the Dallas Strikers, has put a lot of time into becoming a not-completely-terrible bowler. He has spent time with both Mark Baker and Norm Duke, two big wheels on the pro bowling circuit.

"I have a lot of stuff going on right now, but there happened to be a break in my schedule," Owens said. "I wanted to experience this tournament, and the experience was good. I'm really into bowling, and I like it a lot."

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