Terrell Suggs to police: 'I'm getting arrested for damaging the wall?'

Ravens defensive end Terrell Suggs was arrested in Scottsdale, Ariz., late Thursday for leaving the scene of an accident and driving with a suspended license.

Suggs told officers that he was visiting a female friend at a hotel, fell asleep there, and was driving home much later than he planned. He then fell asleep behind the wheel, which led to him running over a curb and into a wall.

Police video of Suggs' arrest obtained by the Baltimore Sun sheds light on what happened between the player and law enforcement officials.

Terrell Suggs has been with the Ravens since 2003. (USATSI)
Terrell Suggs has been with the Ravens since 2003. (USATSI)

"Involving you guys is pretty bad news," Suggs explained to one officer when asked why he didn't call authorities. "Two, I do have a suspended license, but I'm around the corner. I fell asleep. I haven't been drinking. You all can do all the little tests. I didn't involve you all because if you ... did your research, I am an athlete. We do kind of got a bad rep right now. Driving without a license still ain't good. They'll see it as a DUI or whatever."

Officers asked Suggs several times if had been drinking or doing drugs.

"No sir, I don't do drugs," Suggs responded, adding later, "I know what you're thinking. You're thinking I've been drunk and driving or whatever."

Suggs appeared to chuckle when one officer told him that one of the reasons he was being arrested was for "criminal damage for damaging the wall."

Suggs asked, "I am getting arrested for damaging the wall?"

The Ravens issued a statement on the matter, acknowledging that Suggs made them aware of the arrest and that they "are looking into it."

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