Tom Brady: 'No excuses for me for not getting the job done'

Even before the AFC title game began, the Broncos relentlessly pestered Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, calling him a crybaby and a "whiner." Then, on Sunday, the Broncos defense lit up Brady on the field, hitting him 20 times en route to a 20-18 win.

But after his season ended, Brady didn't live up to the Broncos' labels. He didn't cry or whine about the lack of protection his offensive line provided for him. Instead, Brady took the blame.

"When you play quarterback, you're going to take hits. You have to stand in there and make throws. There are no excuses for me for not getting the job done," Brady said, per ESPN. "Our guys fought hard. I'm proud of all the guys for what they tried to accomplish. We just came up one play short to a very good football team."

His answer is expected, but he'd be completely justified if he were to blame the offensive line, which didn't do much of anything on Sunday. In fact, the Broncos managed to generate unrelenting pressure even though they blitzed just 17.2 percent of the time, which means they were able to get pressure and keep extra defenders downfield to cover Brady's targets.

"It's a tough front with good players," he said. "They're teeing off on the cadence. We're trying to keep changing it up. They did a great job of it."

That led to some awkward moments for Brady, who felt the pressure even when it wasn't there.

In all, Brady went 27 of 56 for 310 yards, one touchdown and two picks. Still, the game came down to a failed two-point conversion in the final seconds of the game. But even on that play, Brady didn't seem to have the necessary time in the pocket. And, maybe if he had, he would've spotted tight end Rob Gronkowski, who may have been open in the end zone.

Instead, the Patriots' season is over -- all due to the Broncos' incredible pass rush.

Tom Brady didn't get much protection on Sunday, but he wasn't blaming anyone after. (USATSI)
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