Tom Brady to Tim Tebow in 2011: Florida teammates 'a lot to handle'

When Tim Tebow and Tom Brady squared off in 2011 during the regular season (on CBS), it was a big deal. The Patriots and Broncos would meet later in the playoffs and, in advance of that matchup, NFL Films put together a Sound FX piece detailing some of the best audio that you didn't hear from the original matchup.

One interesting clip relating to Aaron Hernandez fell under the radar until the Orlando Sentinel unearthed it recently, with Brady telling Tebow that his former Florida teammates Hernandez and Brandon Spikes were "a lot to handle."

After congratulating Tebow on his great year and telling him that "good things happen to good people," Brady said, "I'm trying to watch over Aaron and Brandon, man."

"They're good guys, man," Tebow responded.

Brady's response?

"They're a lot to handle."

This comment is sure to generate a question or two from the Boston media denizens, directed towards both Tebow and Brady. (When they're available.)

But it also begs the question of how long the Pats might have noticed the behavior of Hernandez, who's in jail after being arrested and charged with murder. We can't simply assume from this quote that the Pats should've known what Hernandez was doing (they feel "duped," after all), and it's much easier to notice this with the benefit of hindsight.

No one caught it when it aired, after all.

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