Trent Williams shoves Richard Sherman following Redskins loss

Richard Sherman isn't shy about running his mouth. And his smacktalk got him in a little bit of heated shovel-stuffing on Sunday after Seattle took down the Redskins.

Sherman headed to midfield, where he saw Redskins tackle Trent Williams. Sherman was clearly running his mouth, Williams didn't like it and, well, U MAD BRO?

Actually, yes, Trent Williams is clearly mad. That's why he shoved Sherman in the face. But Sherman, being the good winner that he is, still managed to get a shot in at Williams as he was walking away.

GIF: Richard Sherman Taunts The Redskins  on Twitpic

This isn't Sherman's first venture into the world of post-game smack talk. After the Seahawks beat the Patriots during the regular season, Sherman tossed up a picture of himself getting up in Tom Brady's face on Twitter along with a "U MAD BRO?" Photoshop spot.

Williams is probably a good bet to get a fine from the NFL for his postgame behavior and possibly Sherman will be fined too. But at least the two guys kissed and made up.

Obviously, "TrentW71" is Williams. And the rest of his text to Sherman's reads: " ... either way. Have a great Pro Bowl! Well deserved ..."

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