Tweets is watching: Megatron mentions

Record-breaking games and matchups that clinch playoff positions always make for great television. But Twitter is filled with a lot more one-liner reactions to the crazy action. Here are some of the best tweets from Week 16 play.

 If you don’t tear up a bit looking at this photo, you might be a Decepticon.

Well played, sir.

Slow down, buddy. Don’t run down to Wal-Mart just yet. Tebow’s still on the New York sideline.


Football Jesus is in the eyes of the beholder.

Everyone loves a destructive kicker.


Ummm, I hate to break the news to you but there’s another faster, cooler more popular guy named Megatron too. He also did something pretty amazing this weekend.

A lil stanky leg, then a body roll mixed with the robot. Nice job, Jacoby Jones.

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