VIDEO: Zac Efron is a New Orleans Saints fan

Despite what this picture seems to say, Zac Efron is not a Colts fan. (Twitter/MattOverton_LS)
Despite what this picture seems to say, Zac Efron is not a Colts fan. (Twitter/MattOverton_LS)

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If you're trying to get your teenage daughter to watch the NFL Draft with you tonight, just tell her that Zac Efron will probably be watching too. 

Why would Efron be watching? I'm not sure, but I'm also not sure why he'd talk about NFL football during a television appearance, but he did that last night on Jimmy Fallon. 

During the interview, Efron said he's a 'die-hard Saints fan' and apparently, he knows 'Coach Payton really well.' 

The news that Efron is a Saints fan is probably going to hit Colts long snapper Matt Overton pretty hard. As you can see in the picture above, Overton and Efron looked so happy together after the Colts beat the Texans in Week 15. 

Oh, and Aaron Rodgers will probably be disappointed to hear that Efron's not a Packers fan, after all, the two did film a commercial together in April. 

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