Von Miller admits breaking rule on sack of Cam Newton in Super Bowl

There was no bigger impact player in Super Bowl 50 than Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller. He won Super Bowl MVP for spending the entire game harassing Cam Newton.

Miller made a critical play at the end of the game, sacking Newton and knocking the ball away from the Panthers quarterback before T.J. Ward recovered it to help the Broncos salt the game away. But Miller actually broke the rules on that play by batting the ball and the refs didn't catch it.

The Broncos pass rusher admitted it in a conversation with Peter King of TheMMQB.com over the weekend, copping to an illegal bat of the ball towards the Panthers' end zone.

Shortly after this Miller would bat the ball. (USATSI)

“I was being held for a minute. So I couldn’t get to the ball right away," Miller said. "I thought Cam was going to jump on it, but I guess, I mean, he didn’t want to dive down there on it. I couldn’t fall on it, so I was just trying to, I don’t know, get it to one of our guys.”

Yes, this is the same play where Newton was criticized for not falling on the ball. 

You can see the play in question here, but actually noticing Miller bat the ball is pretty difficult. As King noted, it really was magician-like: 

The thing about the illegal bat, though? It's not a reviewable play, which means an official would've had to make the call during the live play. 

There was no way at that moment, with that ball bouncing around and bodies flying, that an official was going to blow a whistle for an illegally batted ball. 

Miller could've yelled "I'M ABOUT TO BAT THIS BALL" before swatting at it and gotten away with it. But give him credit for wisely pushing the limits of the rules as far as possible -- the Broncos did it during the Super Bowl and it helped to land them a championship. 

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