Von Miller hasn't 'heard anything' from NFL on his suspension

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Von Miller says he hasn't 'heard anything' from the NFL about his pending suspension. (USATSI)

Von Miller's status is completely up in the air at this point. We only really know that he will be suspended: we don't know when he'll get the punishment and what the punishment will be. (And for all we know, the NFL could magically reverse course at some point.) We're not the only ones in the dark though, because Miller doesn't really know what's going on either.

By default he has more knowledge about his situation than anyone else, but the Broncos All-Pro linebacker said Tuesday after practice that he hasn't "heard anything" from the NFL when it comes to his pending suspension and doesn't know when he might find out.

“I don’t know," Miller said. "I’m hoping for a speedy and fair resolution on everything. I’ve heard reports about everything that’s been going on but I haven’t heard anything. That’s the craziest part about it. I haven’t heard anything from the NFL. I’m just out here playing football, doing what I love to do with my buddies, taking it one day at a time."

The pendulum on Miller's possible (perhaps you prefer purported?) punishment swung badly for the linebacker yesterday with news that he could be facing "at least" a six game suspension.

And then later on Monday the linebacker was listed as a possible witness for a murder trial. He summed it up nicely by pointing out there's been "a lot of stuff going on."

"It’s a lot of stuff that’s been going on," Miller said. "That’s why I’ve just got to continue taking it one day at a time. Adverse situations make great guys out of people and I think I’m a great guy. I’ve just got to continue taking it one day at a time."

Put more simply: it's difficult for Miller to really expand on any specifics about his status, mainly because it's still being negotiated between the union, the league and a big, old pile of lawyers.

His teammates weren't really into talking about Miller's situation either. (Understandably.) Peyton Manning called what Miller's dealing with "all hypotheticals" at this stage, pushing platitudes the way only Peyton can.

"It’s hard to get into the hypotheticals. I know everybody is out there shooting for breaking news and breaking tweets, but its all hypothetical at this point," Manning said. "Von’s on the team right now he’s practicing. We expect him to play this Saturday. We’re looking to St. Louis Saturday and nothing really beyond that at this point."

Broncos coach John Fox was a little bit less vague about Miller's situation, though not by much. In fact, the only reason Fox was less vague is because he used some (read: a lot) of his trademark sarcasm when he responded to reporters.

“Well, I think these guys understand that they’re under attack and we’re compensated, and everybody here understands that," Fox said of the various media reports. "I think the latest [news], he’s on a [potential witness] list and so are like 99 other people on the list. But he happens to be a little bit more popular [than those people]. But I don’t think that’s news in my mind at all."

But maybe Fox has heard from the NFL about what might happen with Miller's punishment?

“Nope, but I have heard [about] it from a lot of other people," Fox said.

So, yeah. To sum things up: no one knows anything until everyone knows everything. And no one knows when that will actually be.

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