WATCH: Colbert discovers least-athletic Manning brother

Bradley Manning is not actual related to Peyton or Eli. (Comedy Central)
Bradley Manning is not actually related to Peyton or Eli. (Comedy Central)

If you like your sports knowledge melded together with the latest espionage military trial news, Stephen Colbert did you a favor Wednesday night.

The man on trial for espionage was Bradley Manning -- who, you might realize, has the same surname as Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning and the New York GiantsEli Manning (not to mention Archie and Cooper).

That led to the somewhat-predictable joke on The Colbert Report that still might cause you to chuckle (or at least get you a half-guffaw).

The joke comes at about the 1:01 mark of the video below. And remember to eat your Wheaties.

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