WATCH: Larry Fitzgerald drags Cards to NFC title game with OT heroics

From the sidelines, Larry Fitzgerald couldn't prevent Aaron Rodgers' last-second Hail Mary. He could only stare as his team completed a stunning collapse in the final seconds of regulation. But when given the chance to rescue his team, Fitzgerald simply took over the game.

There would be no Packers miracle -- Fitzgerald made sure of that.

After the Cardinals won a wacky coin toss, they set up operations at their own 20-yard line, needing  to journey 80 yards to win their playoff game against the Packers on Saturday night.

They got all 80 of those yards -- rather, Fitzgerald got all 80 of those yards. 

On the first play from scrimmage in overtime, Fitzgerald caught a pass from Carson Palmer at the Cardinals' 35-yard line. He zigged and zagged his way down the field, utilizing a brutal stiff arm along the way. At the tail-end of his run, he even caused Al Michaels to scream, "Larry Fitzgerald is INSANE!"

Fitzgerald wasn't dragged down until the 5-yard line. 

But the Cardinals still needed those 5 yards to advance. After a timeout, Palmer fired a pass in Fitzgerald's direction. Incomplete.

They called his number again. Touchdown.

In a game that Palmer struggled mightily in, Fitzgerald -- to put it simply -- balled out, catching eight passes for 176 yards and that game-winning touchdown.

Most importantly, he made sure Rodgers couldn't complete his miracle. Single-handedly, Fitzgerald won the Cardinals the game in overtime.

Larry Fitzgerald celebrates his game-winning touchdown. (USATSI)
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